How do I register a Bar Code?

This question often takes the form of, “How do I get my info to appear when scanned?” or “I want to see my info appear when I google it.”

First, let’s cover two major misconceptions about bar codes.

Myth #1: “UPC/EAN bar codes contain my product data, those bars = my product name & price.”

False. This is false because UPC/EAN’s are very simple numbers, they do not contain any data. Think of them like a phone number for your item, it’s just a unique reference number that connects to your product in a store's P.O.S. system.

Myth #2: “UPC/EAN’s & their data get uploaded into a global network that all stores connect to, like the internet.”

False. This is false because there is not a global bar code network, neither is there a barcode-internet that a store's POS system plugs into. Each store has their own private, internal database & P.O.S. system. So that when a can of Coke appears "$0.99" when scanned it's because of the store manager or employee on the back end that manually typed it all in before it ever entered the building.

Step 1: To "register" a bar code: First thing you would do is personally assign the bar codes to your products, this is done by you/your company and you would have to keep your own records of these associations. Many use spreadsheets or their own POS system, either way we recommend having your records backed up in case your computer crashes. 

Step 2: Then you register/record this data at the store it will be sold at. Each store has their own internal, private database (aka: Point Of Sales System). This means that every new store/site you approach won't know anything about your product until you input the data into their private P.O.S. system. 

Step 3: Repeat for all new stores/venues/distributors you approach to sell your barcoded products.

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