Will my bar code work in every store?

Yes, almost every store on Earth in fact. 

There are however a handful of retailers that would like you to rent/license your GTIN's annually instead, these include: Walmart, Sam's Club, Kroger Family Grocery Stores, Fred Meyer, Macy's and Bloomingdale's. Many of these stores are on the Board of Governors for GS1 and also helped found GS1 back in the 70's. These stores have an internal mandate that you provide a copy of your GS1-US certificate along with your bar code(s).

Bar Codes Talk will give you an Authentic Certificate of Ownership stating that you legally own your numbers; however, we can’t give you a GS1-US certificate. The GTIN's we provide are the exact same that GS1 provides, the difference comes in that our codes are from GS1-USA prior to August 28th of 2002, and they are grandfathered in under the settlement terms of the UCC (GS1's old name) class action lawsuit that took place in 2002. After that lawsuit the UCC changed their rules & their name. And now require that their members rent/license their codes instead of owning them outright. Our GTIN's are from before 2002 so you own them outright, for life, never having to pay annual fees to keep them active. 

In short, our GTIN's are exempt from any need to rent or license them. Since GS1 is not a government organization they do not have to do what seems fair to the public. They instead do what is fair in their own sight, and what is fair to the many companies that are in business with them or helped found GS1 in the past, because of this they created an arbitrary rule requiring you to rent your codes regardless of the ruling of the class action suit of 2002. Thankfully the number of stores that behave in this way are few in the global scheme of things. 

*While these stores are the most notable, this is not a definitive list and stores can change their internal rules, legally, at any time without public notice or notice to Bar Codes Talk. If you have any doubts contact us first and we can help clarify.