BCT GEPIR or Bar Codes Talk’s Global Electronic Party Information Registry is a registry platform that all customers of ours are entered into which verified the ownership of the unique GTINs, UPC, and EANs that were registered to them.


Our GEPIR platform provides anyone to search via

  • GTIN-12 (UPC)
  • GTIN-13 (EAN)
  • GTIN-14 (SCC)
  • Company Name
  • Global Location Number (GLN)


Customers can provide businesses with the QR Code on their Certificate of GTIN Assignment which will give them access to additional information on our GEPIR system which can be used to further validate the ownership of their barcodes.

This information includes:

  • GTIN Coordinator
  • Phone Number
  • Access to the Certificate located on our website to ensure no modifications were made.