Yes. Your bar codes we provide will work just about anywhere the UPC or EAN (GTIN's) bar codes are scanned. There are 2 formats that work together to cover the globe, the UPC & the EAN format. 

  • The UPC-A  (GTIN-12) which is 12 digits long, is used in the United States & Canada. 
  • The EAN-13 (GTIN-13) which is 13 digits long, is used everywhere else globally. 

    *Between those two formats you will be able to sell internationally. Some companies P.O.S. systems may allow you to use one format rather than choosing between those two. Check with the store first if you have any doubts.

*All of the GTIN’s we provide are from GS1-USA & are Pre-2002. The EAN we provide begins with 0 and originates from GS1-USA. We include both the UPC-A & EAN-13 formats with every purchase.


It's important to note that these codes (from GS1-USA) are the only GTIN's in the world that can be owned. All other GS1 issued EAN's can only be rented/licensed for a large sum directly from GS1 in those other countries. This is because only the USA division of GS1 (formerly known as the U.C.C.) lost a major class-action lawsuit in 2002 pertaining to bar codes issued before August 2002. All of the bar codes we sell are from before that suit and are grandfathered in under the terms of the settlement.