Despite our best efforts to provide exceptional customer experience, we cannot guarantee that someone will not illegally and fraudulently duplicate/use the barcode numbers that you legally purchased from Bar Codes Talk. That said, should you encounter an issue where your numbers have been fraudulently duplicated and used illegally on Amazon, we will work towards making sure you are able to use the barcodes on Amazon as you are covered 100% by our Works for Amazon Guarantee!

This means we will provide a solution immediately by replacing the affected barcodes or offering a refund depending on the percentage of unusable barcodes once they have been verified. While this is strictly an Amazon issue, we understand that our customers expect that their numbers will be immediately usable and cannot be expected to fight an industry giant like Amazon without wasting time and money. Bar Codes Talk will continue to make customers our #1 priority!

Step 1: Take a screenshot/screengrab of the issue you are seeing on Amazon for proof. Be sure to visually link the specific barcode number you own to the illegal listing in your screenshot/screengrab.

Step 2: Email this screenshot & any other proof of this illegal usage to

Note: If you purchased from a different barcode seller you may have run into an unfortunate situation where you were sold unverified codes, not much can be done about this. Learn more: Beware of Fakes.

Step 3: Include your name, order number, and Amazon seller name in your email to us, this will help us in identifying the nature of the issue and finding the exact solution that works for your seller type. You can also include any other supporting documents.

Note: It may take our Support team up to 1 business day to respond to your email. If enough identifying information was included in your initial email we should be able to provide a working solution that same business day.

That’s it, our team will evaluate your case and reply as soon as possible.

Additional Information about Amazon:

Amazon is a private, online P.O.S. (Point of Sale) system & database. Due to this, there are potential issues with any barcode used on their system which only applies to Amazon and not most retailers around the world. Thankfully these issues only apply to a very small percentage of Amazon sellers. As a seller with Amazon, you will be required to know what is required of you to work within their rules and specific seller programs.

For a more comprehensive list of Amazon error codes and issues, please visit our Amazon Support Page.

If you have any doubts or concerns regarding barcodes that are Amazon-related, you are best served contacting us directly at or by phone at 1-877-263-1343 option 1.