There may be times where a barcode will be fraudulently used by other sellers on Amazon. It should go without saying that this is illegal, but if you are running into this issue please follow the steps below that Amazon's legal team has provided to report and resolve this.

Step 1: Find your certificate of authenticity that we provided in your package. **If you purchased from a different seller and did not receive a certificate of authenticity you may have run into an unfortunate situation where you were sold unverified codes, not much can be done about this.

Step 2:  Inform Amazon Seller Support of the listings that are fraudulent by clicking the link below. (Or use your equivalent link if you're selling internationally):*Version*=1&*entries*=0&ie=UTF8

Select: “Other issues” , then: “Report a violation”.


*Or by phone, call: (Local: 1-866-216-1072) (International: 206-266-2992) and ask for seller support and/or the catalog team.

Step 3: Copy & paste the following statement below into their form and fill in your custom information if needed:

Seller Support,


I’ve recently created listings and the dashboard is showing that another seller has illegally used my barcodes (UPC/EAN/GTINS). I’m attempting to upload my items and need help. I have proof of ownership for the barcodes I am using and have attached the certificate & receipt of purchase.


Here are the barcodes being illegally used: (List individual numbers or include your listing batch ID)


I understand that Amazon recommends renting barcodes from GS1. I am also aware that sellers are allowed to purchase their own legal GS1 issued GTIN’s due to the GS1/UCC class action lawsuit settlement which I have attached. This seller has used my GTIN's illegally and will not be able to provide any proof of ownership if you check with them.


I’m able to provide any other proof requested. Bar Codes Talk, where I purchased the barcodes from, has offered to answer any questions and can verify that I am the only legal owner of the GTIN’s in question. They can be reached at 877-263-1343 ext. 1 or by email:


Thank you for your attention to this important legal matter, any help is greatly appreciated.

Step 4: Attach the following documents to the email.

  • Your Certificate  (Included in your bar code package)

  • Receipt of purchase  (Emailed to you after purchase)

  • Any other supporting images or documents.

*Tip: If you have a picture of the barcode(s) printed onto your physical item this goes a long way with Amazon, as it shows that your product is real & not photoshopped.

Note: It may take Seller Support 1-2 business days to respond officially. Amazon is dedicated to keeping their catalog clean from illegal seller activity.

Most customers are able to get matters like this escalated and resolved right away since it's pretty clear to the reps that the other party is usually either already suspended for fraud claims or is a bulk counterfeiter (meaning they dump 1,000’s of junk listings on the catalog hoping to profit before they get caught).

*Bar Codes Talk does not and cannot provide refunds, replacements or exchanges on digital purchases, specifically regarding illegal usage on amazon's open platform. This is because the issue is solely within Amazon's control and done by another amazon seller under their supervision. Amazon is a private company and reserves the right to maintain their database, and in the case of illegal GTIN usage they are the sole entity that can manage / edit this database. Please use the information provided above by Amazon's legal team. It should be known that illegal usage on amazon's site does not affect any other site, system or P.O.S.