We're glad to explain GS1's outdated GEPIR database. 

GEPIR is an acronym: Global-Electronic-Party-Information-Registry.

If you were to go to GS1's rental site they publish an outdated database for all owned GTIN's dating back to the 1970's, if you search for a GTIN that is ownable (legacy barcode from GS1's lawsuit/settlement) you'll find a different company name. That name that does not match your own is just one of thousands of companies who we purchased the full barcode-prefix rights from over the last 10 years. 

Bar Codes Talk actively purchases UPC barcode prefixes to this day, this is possible because of GS1's class action lawsuit & settlement of 2002 (more on this HERE). GS1's GEPIR database is not up to date for any prefix issued before 2002, they are only up to date for GTIN's that they actively RENT out. 

Example: It's like going to the Department of Motor Vehicles and asking who owned a car back in 1973, they may know but won't know who currently owns it. In short, GS1/GEPIR does not own the rights to almost all UPC prefixes (blocks of numbers) that they sold before August 28th of 2002, this dates back to the 70's when GS1 first formed. 

GS1's site, while factually correct, is ignored for any of these grandfathered, legacy bar codes and GS1 has no say in any way over your bar codes or how you choose to use them. 

Your company fully and legally owns the bar codes that you purchased and no one else has the right to use them without your permission. For more information on this you can visit our educational FAQ pages (HERE)

You can also verify the Personal or Company information you entered is registered with your GTIN's on our public database: (HERE).

We publish our own public GEPIR database since we are the largest seller of ownable GTIN's in the world by far.