Amazon Error Message:

  • "Product ID : The value specified is invalid."

Amazon Error Code:

  • When Adding a Product on Amazon

Amazon Screenshots:


This error can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Entering spaces or dashes. There should be none
  • Selecting GTIN but entering the wrong format. GTIN = GTIN-14 which is 14 digits.
  • Selecting EAN but entering the wrong format. EAN is 13 digits.
  • Selecting UPC but entering the wrong format. UPC is 12 digits.
  • Incorrect check-digit (last digit). You can verify with this check-digit-calculator
  • Correct check-digit but a completely made up/invalid UPC/EAN code.
  • Made a typo when manually entering. Re-check your assigned numbers.


Use the above list of possibilities to narrow down the issue and also do a quick double-check on the digits entered to make sure they are exactly what we provided. Selecting the correct barcode type (UPC or EAN) and entering the barcode number we provide should resolve your issue.