Amazon Error Message:

  • "The SKU data provided is different from what's already in the Amazon catalog."

Amazon Error Code:

  • 8541

Amazon Screenshots:


This means that you are trying to list a product on Amazon that already is using the UPC/EAN/GTIN provided.

This happens one of two ways:

  1. You already listed a product with that UPC/EAN/GTIN
  2. Another seller has illegally listed products using your unique UPC/EAN/GTIN.

Amazon is aware that this can happen with the way they set their POS system up. Depending on the situation there are amazon approved work-arounds. 

Important Notes

The UPC/EAN/GTIN you were assigned from Bar Codes Talk has never been reassigned or sold to anyone else besides you.  We do not "recycle" numbers that we previously sold as some barcode resellers do.

Amazon does not remove products that have illegally used barcodes from their database. This is the cause of countless issues with Amazon. They can suspend a seller for illegally using barcodes, but they do not remove or purge their listings which create what Amazon refers to as "tomb-stoned listings". Attempting to use a GTIN that is "tomb-stoned"/used causes an issue as amazon joined the GTIN to the old/illegal ASIN.

Illegal usage on Amazon does not mean the UPC/EAN/GTIN has been used anywhere else. If a scammer has used your barcode on Amazon it would not negatively affect your use anywhere else globally. Amazon is one of the only online venues that require UPC/EAN/GTINs but do not fix/purge any illegal usage of said barcodes.


For "You already listed a product with that UPC/EAN/GTIN"

  • Simply use the next barcode number we provided you and do not reuse barcode numbers for different listings moving forward.

For "Another seller has illegally listed products using your unique UPC/EAN/GTIN."

Due to the limited access that Amazon provides us, we will be required to manually check your numbers to see which ones in particular are creating problems for you. This process usually takes between 1-3 business days, as Amazon's system has limitations.

To help us process this as quickly as possible, you will need to provide the following information to

  • Your Confirmed Order Number from Bar Codes Talk;

  • Your Manufacturer Name(s) used when uploading products on Amazon;

  • A screenshot of the issue/error message you are seeing; and

  • A list of which barcode(s) from your order were able to be used on Amazon

    (Please Note: Without complete answers for the above questions, it could add delays in resolving your Amazon issues.)

Once we have reviewed the data provided by Amazon, we will email you as soon as possible with a choice of the following options:

  1. We will gladly make our best efforts to help you fix any issues you’re experiencing, which will then allow you to use the barcodes assigned to you on Amazon's platform;

  2. Replace the affected barcodes (at no cost to you) with new barcode numbers that should allow you to list your products on Amazon's platform; or

  3. Issue you a prorated refund based on the amount of barcodes that cannot be used on Amazon’s platform. (The numbers will still be assigned only to you, for use on any other platform/retailer that doesn't require GS1 direct barcodes.)

Note: We are constantly communicating with Amazon to help speed up this process or create a system where these issues do not exist, until then….

We thank you for your patience while we do our best to rectify this for you.


Important: The seller using the barcodes illegally has done the illegal act, not Amazon. This allows amazon to claim they are not obligated to do anything but may be able to help if petitioned.