Why isn't my company name coming up when scanned by my smartphone app?

There may be a few reasons, likely you have not loaded your product information into the App/Store/POS/Website/Database that the scanner is connected to. More on how to do this here: (How To Register a GTIN) It is also important to understand that a barcode "scanning" app on your smartphone is not a real barcode scanner, it is at best a helpful tool for consumers, not a marketing tool for vendors/manufacturers.

Until you manually input your product data into a specific P.O.S. system/Database or pay Google to advertise it, it will likely come up "no data found". 

For some incorrectly programmed smartphone apps the developers may have it incorrectly coded to pull data directly from GS1’s outdated GEPIR database. The information on GS1's GEPIR site is outdated for any owned GTIN and doesn’t record the current owner of that specific UPC/EAN prefix number.

To sum it up, to get your information to appear when scanned contact the store, website or third-party "app" maker and ask them how you can input your data in their system.